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     Is everything really okay in your fishery?



    At UFAWU-Unifor's 62nd Convention in December 2017 we asked BC fish harvesters to identify problems in their fishery.  And we asked fishermen to propose potential solutions.


    We divided the problems/solutions fishermen proposed into groups for easy comment.            


    Click on the Problem/Solutions  tab at the top of this Page


    Then Click on the Problem.  Read the possible solutions.

    Please add your COMMENTS in the area provided


    The Union is encouraging fishermen from many different fisheries to talk about problems and solutions for our industry.  Diversity of opinion and thoughtful discussion can provide a positive road map to a better future.


    We will print, distribute and post all Comments and Ideas that we receive, no matter what the writer’s viewpoint, as long as they are not defamatory. 


    is a website dedicated to discussing Solutions to Industry Problems.